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Dual Career

Faculty candidates at Lehigh University often come with a partner who is a talented and skilled professional who is also looking for work in the Greater Lehigh Valley region. In many cases, finding a suitable career for a spouse/partner is a determining factor in the decision to accept and stay in a position at Lehigh University.

Services offered

Life & DC Connect offers a diverse range of resources to meet the needs of recruited and recently hired faculty and their accompanying spouse/partners. We do not guarantee employment, but we will provide personal assistance in the job search process with the following services and resources:

Job search assistance
Dual Career identification for Lehigh positions
 Assistance with CV/resume writing, cover-letter preparation and interview coaching.
 Assistance identifying employment opportunities both inside and outside Lehigh University.
 Sharing networking opportunities with hiring entities at Lehigh University and area employers.

Who is eligible?

Spouse/Partners of current faculty

Spouse/Partners of newly hired faculty

Spouse/Partners of final candidates (pre-hire service)

Who do I contact?

Partners/spouses of top candidates or newly hired faculty, and current faculty may contact the Faculty Dual Career Assistance Program:

GET CONNECTED online form


P:  610-758-5923

How does it work?

Upon your submission of the Get Connected form, the Project Manager will contact you to set up an appointment. The initial appointment may be in-person or phone. This personal conversation includes:

 An overview of services and resources available
 Review of work history
 Industry and job function preferences

Following the meeting an action plan is developed to meet the spouse/partner's individual career needs and any other concerns or areas that we are able to provide assistance with. 

Department Chairs may also initiate assistance on behalf of a candidate or new hire by contacting the Faculty Dual Career Assistance Program at 610-758-5923 or

* DCConnect does not create entitlement. While Lehigh presents a number of strategies to address the dual career issue, the university cannot guarantee placement for faculty partners and spouses.

Additional Resources: